Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Baby Shower Game

Great advice everyone! Thanks for participating. If you haven't left some advice for the new parents to be, please do so.

This shower has been underway for about a week, so I decided it was time for the first shower game. I am going to list some candy and I want to hear how you think it applies to pregnancy, becoming a parent, etc. This can be really fun, so don't cheat and try to look up answers online. We all know that you know how to google and we are very impressed. Try to come up with your own answers. Sometimes they are better than the "pat" answers that I have. I'll give you an example: 3 Musketeers = triplets

Here are some to try on your own:
1. Lifesavers; 2. Payday; 3. M&M's; 4. Whoppers; 5. Baby Ruth; 6. 100 Grand; 7. Milky Way; 8. Mike & Ike; 9. Jelly Belly; 10. Hugs and Kisses; 11. Zero; 12. Snickers; 13. Symphony; 14. Take Five; 15. Skor

I realize in a traditional shower, the winner would get the door prize. Let's see who gets them right and who is really creative with their answers. I will post the answers, who won, and a picture of the prize. You can email your address and I will send you the package, or send it to Amy, your choice.


Rekha said...

Mazeltov, Amy and Rich! Congrats on such an awesome event!!

1. What friends and family who offer to babysit will from now on be known as.
2. What you need to have a lot of to have 3 babies.
3. M&M's latest album does not offer v. good parenting advice!
4. What babies leave in their diapers
5. What you will not be naming any of your babies.
6. How much it will cost you to raise just one of the three babies.
7. What Amy will say whenever someone asks, "How are you?" "How am I?" she'll say, "Oh, I'm in a milky kind of way..."
8. The guys who will set up all your baby furniture (JK, Rich!)
9. Jelly Belly = The name of a children's game in which the child hides the jam from her toast in her belly button for later usage.
10. What I am sending your way!!
11. Zero = Final phase in the countdown to D(elivery)-Day
12. Snickers = (n.) A portmanteau word that combines snot and knickers to refer to smeared nasal congestion on freshly laundered pants that instantly bonds to the fabric transforming them from clothing into snickers.
13. Symphony = Euphemism for the sound of three crying babies.
14. If you have two more babies, what you will be tempted to say to each and every passerby!
15. Skor = IKEA furniture that features a child's bed with a teddy bear-themed tent apparatus that will take two grown adults many, many hours to assemble.

Catherine Stine said...

Lifesavers: an automatic swing and a car to drive those rowdy kids around until they fall asleep
Payday: getting them all to sleep for an entire night
M&Ms: fuel for writing during baby naptimes
Whopper: a twelve pound, 24" boy babe like I had!
Baby Ruth: a nice Biblical baby name should you be so inclined
100 Grand: what you'll need to send 'em all to college!
Milky Way: the little stars that lots of parents glue to the nursery ceiling
Mike & Ike: two of the triplets future twin dates
Jelly Belly: your physique immediately after giving birth
Hugs & Kisses: Babies can never get enough of them
Zero: downtime
Snickers: best candy ever, for any reason
Symphony: when little ones laugh
Take Five: playing those family videos for your relatives over, and over and...
Skor: the first time you and your hubby manage to find the time to roll in the sheets, after the birth.

Amy Kathleen Ryan said...

You guys crack me up!

Victoria said...

Good and Plenty:
What your family is.
Sorry to be so brief. Always running! (Which you will be too, from now on.)