Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Baby Shower Game

Great advice everyone! Thanks for participating. If you haven't left some advice for the new parents to be, please do so.

This shower has been underway for about a week, so I decided it was time for the first shower game. I am going to list some candy and I want to hear how you think it applies to pregnancy, becoming a parent, etc. This can be really fun, so don't cheat and try to look up answers online. We all know that you know how to google and we are very impressed. Try to come up with your own answers. Sometimes they are better than the "pat" answers that I have. I'll give you an example: 3 Musketeers = triplets

Here are some to try on your own:
1. Lifesavers; 2. Payday; 3. M&M's; 4. Whoppers; 5. Baby Ruth; 6. 100 Grand; 7. Milky Way; 8. Mike & Ike; 9. Jelly Belly; 10. Hugs and Kisses; 11. Zero; 12. Snickers; 13. Symphony; 14. Take Five; 15. Skor

I realize in a traditional shower, the winner would get the door prize. Let's see who gets them right and who is really creative with their answers. I will post the answers, who won, and a picture of the prize. You can email your address and I will send you the package, or send it to Amy, your choice.