Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNo Day 7, 8

I skipped a day of updating but didn't skip the NaNo writing. My document has 11,672 words now. Pretty much all of those words will most likely get tossed out eventually, but that's okay. That's what happens to first drafts, especially those written with no attention to form. The most important thing is just getting the bones sketched in. After that, everything's easy by comparison.

I had some fun with the awful sentences by challenging a fellow NaNo writer to a duel of suckitude. We each picked out "favorite" worst sentence(s) from the day before, and entered them. An independent judge applied brilliantly irrational standards to declare me the victor.

My winning entry: No band was playing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Baby Shower Game

Great advice everyone! Thanks for participating. If you haven't left some advice for the new parents to be, please do so.

This shower has been underway for about a week, so I decided it was time for the first shower game. I am going to list some candy and I want to hear how you think it applies to pregnancy, becoming a parent, etc. This can be really fun, so don't cheat and try to look up answers online. We all know that you know how to google and we are very impressed. Try to come up with your own answers. Sometimes they are better than the "pat" answers that I have. I'll give you an example: 3 Musketeers = triplets

Here are some to try on your own:
1. Lifesavers; 2. Payday; 3. M&M's; 4. Whoppers; 5. Baby Ruth; 6. 100 Grand; 7. Milky Way; 8. Mike & Ike; 9. Jelly Belly; 10. Hugs and Kisses; 11. Zero; 12. Snickers; 13. Symphony; 14. Take Five; 15. Skor

I realize in a traditional shower, the winner would get the door prize. Let's see who gets them right and who is really creative with their answers. I will post the answers, who won, and a picture of the prize. You can email your address and I will send you the package, or send it to Amy, your choice.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little explanation...then we can have some fun

Welcome! I am pleased to be hosting Amy's Cyber Shower. As most of you know...Amy and her beloved, Rich are adding, adding, adding to their happy home!

When I found out, my first question is "who is throwing the shower" because it is going to have to be a doozy of a shower to welcome 3 little ones into this world! Amy told me that she is turning down shower requests because she (understandably) needs to rest at this stage.

Being a Mom myself, I know the value of a "diaper cake" at 3am in the middle of winter. So while I want Amy to get all of the rest she needs to grow those special little treasures, I don't want her to miss out on the benefits of a baby shower. So I hope you'll all join me in this Cyber Shower. I have absolutely no idea what that means, I just made it up...but I'm sure I'm not the first to have thought of it, so I'll be googling and trying to glean some good ideas off of someone else.

For now until I see how this is going to evolve, I plan on posting to this blog as schedule permits until the new little bundles of joy bounce into our lives and hearts. I intend to post about baby shower related issues and even may plan some games, with prizes and all.

I will also be getting with Amy about what she and Rich still need in order to get as prepared as they can. As most of you Mom's know...what she thinks she needs, may not be the tried and true things that we have come to love and trust (Boudreaux's Butt Paste...I'm just sayin').

Just to get started I am going to begin this Cyber Shower with a well known bb shower favorite, "Motherly Advice". Since we don't have a guest book or scrap book pages to write on, please add your comments to this post with your awesome motherly advice.